During the final Design in Dialogue session of Studio Piraeus, this online event turned into a parade of projects: To overcome the two-dimensionality and rigid frame of digital communication platforms such as Zoom and Skype, students were asked to project their proposals for Piraeus onto their own surroundings: from a student dorm in Zürich to a military service camp in Geneva and the dark streets of nocturnal Sydney, the hometown of one of the students. While some where using their garden to talk about ecological issues, others filmed their neighbourhood to show forms of spatial and social co-existence or reflect on the impact of foreign investments on the housing market. This session transformed us all, internally and externally. It was accompanied by Angel, who joined us from Athens and in the course of the presentation, transformed into Kangela, and back to Angel again. This real-time metamorphosis served as a powerful metaphor for the transformative experience of the students and for Piraeus' ever-changing nature.