Golden Piraeus

Faliro Bay Facilites

Faliro Bay is very fragmented. On the one hand, the bay is divided into four municipalities: Piraeus, Moschato, Kalithea and Faliro. The borders were drawn by the rivers Kifisos and Illisos and are still visible today with the highways built over them leading to the north....

V2 Development in Neo Faliro

Faliro has bigger roads and a wide grid. Is a blooming neigbourhood with many schools. Due to its clean condition it is the aim of many investments....

The Castella Hill

It's a place of big diffrences. On one hand it's a lively neighbourhood with small allies, neat ensembles with potted plants, straying kittens ruins and unfinished buildings....

Cultural Centre Piraeus

The building caught our eye with its modernist design but unfinished look. In a way it is or could have been a part among glamorous buildings along the Faliro Bay....

Seeing the process of Golden Visa as something interesting with potential, being fascinated by the unfinished cultural centre. Trying to condense all the thoughts floating around these two starting points. But never reaching a point of clarity, of activism, of a clear suggestion of what to do.

some of the images in our process an the final version

“We spent all afternoon reflecting on us, our project and the studio. It’s difficult to communicate conclusiverly in a message now what exactly is on our minds, but in regard of the final presentation next week, our thoughts concern mainly our project in relation to a coherent conclusion. For both of us, our work this semester feels like a constant sketch of our thoughts and reflections on what we have been investigating, which is not a bad thing in itself. But we are now struggling to have a clear output in front of us that we want to create with our heart and soul. Since it is not, as usual, an architectural design that could inspire us personally, where we know by default that this and that plan still has to be drawn, it is difficult to put our energy into documents and explanations that only reflect our thoughts. We feel extremely distant from the visible of our project, because the project itself is simply the thoughts we have made about PIraeus, Europe, investment, culture, money and value. It is very difficult for us to express these thoughts in a creative, artistic, architectural or any other way.

More concretely about this “visible” aspect of our project: on one hand we have the website, which should take a clear but fictional standpoint on the topics we’ve been dealing with. On the other hand we have a page on the studio blog, which should give a more explanatory and reflective pole to this. We do not want to express an opinion, because it cannot be nailed down. Tobias has an opinion and I have an opinion, we have an opinion today and an opinion, an opinion in relation to this and an opinion in relation to that. Although all those opinions are similar, they can still be very different. So one goal would be to in the end show our own cluelessness and indecision.”

As expressed above in the excerpt of a message towards the end of the semester, we have been struggling to to translate our research and thoughts in to a visible output. The website is an attempt to illustrate a potential future which will always seem more appealing to some than to others.

Our project left us with a certain feeling. A similar feeling to that of walking through areas of Zürich, where a lot of investment shows itself as a physical presence in the city. One can be fascinated or disgusted by it, one can find it livable or dead, one can not care about it or one can feel all of that at the same time: